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Composite Score for 2008-09

Just in time for the new year! Composite Scores, including the offensive and defensive components, are up now at To view them, click here:
Composite Score 2008-09
If you don’t know how they work or how they are calculated, check here:
Explanation of Composite Score
There’s a lot of interesting stuff in those numbers, and I’ll […]

One More Surprise Team

In last week’s five-part series about the surprise teams of the NBA, I failed to mention the Atlanta Hawks. I originally left them out because they were a young playoff team from last season, so the fact that they improved isn’t too surprising. With that being said, they were a marginal postseason team […]

Composite Score Category Leaders

Composite Score for the 2008-09 season will be posted soon, so in the meantime I’m going to discuss the leaders in each of the six statistics that make up CS. To recap, there are three offensive categories (PER, Offensive Rating, Plus-Minus) and three defensive ones (Counterpart PER, Defensive Rating, Plus-Minus). For each category […]

Analyzing the Surprise Teams Part V: Portland Trail Blazers

The fifth and final part of this series will take a look at a team that has received a lot of media attention this season, the Portland Trail Blazers. A lot of big things have been predicted for this team in the future (more on this later), but they’re probably already a lot better […]

Analyzing the Surprise Teams Part IV: Denver Nuggets

The fourth part in this five-part series will be the first to feature a Western Conference team, the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets were not a horrible team last year, but they weren’t fighting to be among the West’s elite like they are this season. Denver will also be in a heated three-way battle […]

Happy Holidays!

We’ll be back tomorrow.
-Jon Nichols

Analyzing the Surprise Teams Part III: New Jersey Nets

The third part of this series will focus on the New Jersey Nets, a team that hasn’t made the leaps that the first two teams have made but still is a surprise to many people. The Nets figure to be in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoffs race this season.
Offensively, they […]

Analyzing the Surprise Teams Part II: Miami Heat

The next surprise team I’ll take a look at is the Miami Heat. Through 26 games, the Heat are 14-12, just one win shy of their total from last season. They are around the middle of the pack in both offensive and defensive efficiency, ranking 16th and 18th, respectively. For most teams, […]

Coming Soon: 08-09 Composite Score

Just a heads up: Composite Scores through the early parts of the 2008-09 season will be up in about a week or so. Not in time for the holidays, but hopefully you find it a nice gift anyways.
-Jon Nichols

A Melo Behind the Superstars

The following was published at It is the first of an ongoing series where Christopher Reina comes up with questions on his mind and asks for my analysis:
In a new series with Jon Nichols of, I pose a question that has been on my mind and he examines the statistical evidence.
CR: One […]