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How Good Will the Toronto Raptors be in 08-09?

Because the Raptors are just one of those teams that never seem to be talked about, I’ve decided to do a quick analysis of their team this year. I’ll probably do this for a few teams before the season starts. I generally don’t like posting predictions, partly because it’s impossible to get everything […]

Risk and Reward

Whenever a draft approaches, many fans (and presumably general managers) may be asking themselves a basic question: What’s better, a safe and solid pick or a high risk but high reward pick?
It seems initially like a pretty simple question to answer. Given a choice of two investments with the same expected return, […]

Welcome to the Basketball-Statistics blog!

Welcome to the blog. We’ll try to post entries as frequently as possible, and you can be sure they will fit in with the basketball-statistics innovative theme. I strongly encourage you to comment and add your own thoughts as well. Enjoy!
-Jon Nichols