Observations about PAC, Continued

Today I’m going to list some more things I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through my PAC data…
(To see my PAC system in action, go to http://basketball-statistics.com/cs.html)
• A look at some of the players in the recent Toronto-Miami trade (something I talked about seemingly an eternity ago): Jermaine O’Neal is listed as an outside shooter, a […]

Observations About PAC

Today I’m just going to discuss a few things I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through the PAC data…
(As a reminder, go to http://basketball-statistics.com/cs.html to see PAC)
• As I mentioned in the explanation of PAC, only one player qualifies as an All-Around player: Kobe Bryant. I expected more when I first came up with the categories, […]

Composite Score Ranks the NBA: Point Guards

For an explanation of how Composite Score works and the numbers for every player, go to http://basketball-statistics.com/cs.html.

1. Name: Chris Paul. Composite Score Percentile: 99.69%
He’s injured now, but Paul is putting together one of the best years ever for a point guard. Right now he ranks second in the league in Composite Score behind LeBron […]

Comparing Rose’s Rookie Season to Four Elite Point Guards

This is the second part of a series I have been doing with Christopher Reina of RealGM.com.
“In a new series with Jon Nichols of Basketball-Statistics.com, I pose a question that has been on my mind and he examines the statistical evidence.
CR: After a disappointing summer league in which he was eventually shutdown with tendinitis in […]

Composite Score Category Leaders

Composite Score for the 2008-09 season will be posted soon, so in the meantime I’m going to discuss the leaders in each of the six statistics that make up CS. To recap, there are three offensive categories (PER, Offensive Rating, Plus-Minus) and three defensive ones (Counterpart PER, Defensive Rating, Plus-Minus). For each category […]