How Tenure Can Save NBA Head Coaches

This article is not about advanced statistics. The recent trends involving advanced stats are all about thinking outside the box, and that’s what I’m doing here today.
For many teams, the head coaching position is a revolving door. Seemingly every year for some teams a new coach is hired, and this man tries the same […]

Developing Defensive Adjusted Plus-Minus

Scott Sereday checks in again with the second part of his series. In this piece, he develops a model for adjusted defensive plus-minus. You can find the link here:

Interview with Third Quarter Collapse: Part III

Eddy Rivera of the Orlando Magic blog, Third Quarter Collapse, asked me a few questions about the Magic’s series against the Boston Celtics. You can find the link here:

Developing Offensive Adjusted Plus-Minus

In the first of a fourt part series in which he will analyze how coaches, scouts, and the media reward statistical production and also analyze the importance of non-statistical evaluations, Scott Sereday develops a model for offensive adjusted plus-minus. It’s a very interesting read. You can find the link here:

How Do NCAA Statistics Translate to the NBA?

As March Madness begins and the NBA Draft approaches, I often wonder how close the college game is to the professional one. It’s clear who the stars in the college game are. But are they just “built” for that style of play, or are they true stars who excel at any level (including […]

Statistics and the Human Element

Advanced basketball stats have come a long way. If that point isn’t clear to you, check out the player pages at and the wealth of information contained within them. Or head over to and get lost in the numbers. Or just read any of the posts at the APBRmetrics message […]

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Wrapup

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Sloan Sports Conference in Boston (more information can be found at Numerous important people from many areas attended the event. However, the NBA crowd seemed at times to dominate, partly because the conference was co-chaired by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. […]

A Sign of the Times in the NBA

As I’ve been reading the great trade deadline analysis by John Hollinger of and Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus (check their work out, it’s extremely well done), I’ve been struck by how many of the deadline deals were motivated purely by financial reasons. Those two writers clearly understand the intricacies of the cap […]

The Future of Basketball Stats, Continued

Earlier I wrote a little piece about how far basketball statistics have come and where I think they’re headed. To recap, I think the next ground that will be broken is in the area of combining scouting and coaching strategies with useful and complex stats. In other words, instead of focusing on rating […]

The Future of Basketball Stats

When Moneyball came out a few years ago, one thing that became evident was the “war” between baseball stat-heads and traditional scouts. Which was more accurate: objectively using numbers but ignoring a feel for the game, or using opinions based on the naked eye and discouraging the use of stats? As it turns out, […]