Hot Links

Just wanted to let everyone know about a new site that just launched. It’s called HoopsDaily and can be found here. HoopsDaily is the sister site of and will feature the latest news and articles about the NBA. It will be very interactive and allow you to rank players. The […]

Great Stuff at Basketball Prospectus

In case you haven’t come across it already, I’d just like to point you out to the new stats pages over at Basketball Prospectus. A link for their explanations can be found here: link.
The amount of information you can learn about every single player through that site is unreal. Check it out. […]

Hot Links: October 16, 2008

First, a couple of great articles from Basketball Prospectus:
• Kevin Pelton examines the importance of preseason numbers and finds they may be more important than you might think.
• Pelton discusses the coaching moves by the Pistons and Mavericks and investigates how similar moves in the past have worked out.
• A look at overall league trends. looks at the […]

Hot Links: October 2, 2008

• A must-read: John Hollinger’s previews for every NBA team. Hollinger pumps out serious amounts of analysis for ESPN. Does he sleep?
• 2008-09 season predictions over at the APBRmetrics message board.
• More APBRmetrics: an attempt to quantify how much players contribute to winning championships.
• A new statistic to rate three point shooters, the type of high-quality […]