1-15-09 Recap

Trail Blazers defeat Nets: Portland’s two top scorers for the night did most of their damage from the free throw line. Brandon Roy was 13-16 from the charity stripe and rookie Jerryd Bayless was 11-11 … Besides the 29 points, Roy’s game was impressive in numerous other ways. He had eight rebounds, five […]

Analyzing the Surprise Teams Part V: Portland Trail Blazers

The fifth and final part of this series will take a look at a team that has received a lot of media attention this season, the Portland Trail Blazers. A lot of big things have been predicted for this team in the future (more on this later), but they’re probably already a lot better […]

12-18-08 Recap

Magic beat Spurs: Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard battled essentially to a duel. Duncan had the edge in points but Howard had the edge in rebounds … Although the centers played evenly, this game was won by the Magic because the point guards did not play evenly. Tony Parker missed 14 of his […]

12-16-08 Recap

Bobcats beat Bulls: This was undoubtedly Derrick Rose’s worst game as a pro. He shot 3-16 and was torched by fellow rookie D.J. Augustin. Augustin shot just 6-16 but got to the free throw line 13 times and made all of his attempts … The Bobcats as a team did a great job […]

12-11-08 Recap

Celtics beat Wizards: The conference formerly known as the Leastern Conference can now boast that it has arguably the two best teams in the league in Cleveland and Boston. Cleveland has been talked about a lot recently (and for good reason), but don’t forget about Boston, who is now 21-2. The East also […]

12-9-08 Recap

Cavaliers beat Raptors: Cleveland’s on quite a roll, winning by at least 12 points in each of their last nine games. It’s working wonders for their expected win percentage … Nobody stepped up offensively for the Raptors. Only three players scored in double digits, and two of those were Joey Graham and Roko […]

12-7-08 Recap

Knicks beat Pistons: I don’t want to keep beating the dead horse, but Detroit did not need a player like Allen Iverson and games like this afternoon’s show why. Iverson shot just 6-18 and allowed Chris Duhon to dominate … According to PER, Rodney Stuckey hasn’t had that bad of a year. Sure […]

Offensive/Defensive Four Factors Leaders

For those who may not be aware, Dean Oliver, author of Basketball on Paper, developed a list of four factors that a team must excel in to be good on both offense and defense. For offense, those factors are shooting percentage (measured by effective field goal percentage), turnovers (measured by turnover percentage), offensive rebounds […]

12-3-08 Recap

Hawks beat Grizzlies: Josh Smith returned from injury and had a solid game in somewhat limited minutes. He scored 14 points in 28 minutes of play, which translates to 20 points per 40 minutes. He also added six rebounds, five assists, two steals, and a block … Overall the Hawks shot a sizzling […]

12-2-08 Recap

Pacers beat Lakers: The Lakers finally got their second loss of the season, and it took an amazing fourth quarter run by the Pacers to do it … Troy Murphy hit the game-winner, but that shot shouldn’t overshadow the work he did all game. Murphy scored 16 points and added a whopping 17 rebounds […]