Charting Defense

Defensive Charting Through 50 Games

by Schuyler Davis
The Bulls are looking like a playoff team as the NBA regular season winds down, but their defense is not one of the reasons for that. I can say that with a pretty fair degree of certainty after charting their individual defense for 50 games. The method is almost as subjective […]

Bulls 25 Game Defensive Totals

Schuyler Davis returns with an update on his defensive charting effort on the Chicago Bulls.
The Bulls have fallen off a little bit, dropping to (16-20) on the season after starting out at a respectable (5-5). Part of the problem has been injuries to Kirk Hinrich, Luol […]

Defensive Charting Results Through Nine Games

The Bulls are 5-4 in the first nine games of my charting, and their record will likely stay right around 0.500 for the entire season. More importantly the Bulls defense has been, well, quite average, but I guess that is even more subjective than my method since I am not charting any other teams […]

A New Feature at Charting Defense

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many issues with the current stats out there intended to measure individual defense (including mine). The best way to really analyze a player is to watch the games and record your observations. Here at, that’s just what we’re going to try to do.
Schuyler Davis will be […]