The Most Valuable Second Team

Yesterday I revealed my All-Value First Team using my Value Rating stat. Today I’ll continue with the All-Value Second Team.
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Point Guard: Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics (Value Rating of 99.03%)
If it weren’t for Ramon Sessions he would have had a spot on the First Team. Rondo’s another guy I’ve […]

Composite Score Ranks the NBA: Point Guards

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1. Name: Chris Paul. Composite Score Percentile: 99.69%
He’s injured now, but Paul is putting together one of the best years ever for a point guard. Right now he ranks second in the league in Composite Score behind LeBron […]

Beyond the Big Three

The Boston Celtics made all the headlines twice last offseason during trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. However, as good as the trades looked on paper, the Celtics still had some major flaws. To get Garnett and Allen, they gutted the team, trading away talented youth and draft picks. A large […]

Taking a Look at Some of the Composite Score Surprises

For anybody who’s checked out the recent Composite Score numbers, a few players at the top of the rankings probably stand out. I’m going to take a quick look at some of those surprises and guess at whether or not they’ll stay that way all year.
Ray Allen
You don’t have to go very far down […]