Observations About PAC

Today I’m just going to discuss a few things I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through the PAC data…
(As a reminder, go to http://basketball-statistics.com/cs.html to see PAC)
• As I mentioned in the explanation of PAC, only one player qualifies as an All-Around player: Kobe Bryant. I expected more when I first came up with the categories, […]

Composite Score Ranks the NBA: Point Guards

For an explanation of how Composite Score works and the numbers for every player, go to http://basketball-statistics.com/cs.html.

1. Name: Chris Paul. Composite Score Percentile: 99.69%
He’s injured now, but Paul is putting together one of the best years ever for a point guard. Right now he ranks second in the league in Composite Score behind LeBron […]

Taking a Look at Some of the Composite Score Surprises

For anybody who’s checked out the recent Composite Score numbers, a few players at the top of the rankings probably stand out. I’m going to take a quick look at some of those surprises and guess at whether or not they’ll stay that way all year.
Ray Allen
You don’t have to go very far down […]