Composite Score Ranks the NBA: Point Guards

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1. Name: Chris Paul. Composite Score Percentile: 99.69%

He’s injured now, but Paul is putting together one of the best years ever for a point guard. Right now he ranks second in the league in Composite Score behind LeBron James. His strength obviously is his offense. Paul’s Offensive Composite Score is tops in the league by a decent margin. He’s deadly on the pick-and-roll and is racking up assists, but the surprise this year is his high shooting percentage. It remains to be seen whether he can sustain that, but his numbers would be quite impressive if he could.

2. Name: Rajon Rondo. Composite Score Percentile: 97.83%

Rondo’s getting a lot more credit than he ever has. But Composite Score is taking it one step further by calling him the second best point guard in the league. His OCS remains strong despite the fact he is generally regarded as having no range on his shot. He makes up for it by being a good offensive rebounder and great at distributing the ball. On defense, he’s a pest and hands down the best defender at his position.

3. Name: Jameer Nelson. Composite Score Percentile: 95.05%

Another surprise to most people, Nelson was having a superb year until he got injured recently. It would be fatal to Orlando’s championship aspirations if Nelson is not able to return this year. He took a big leap forward this season. Nelson possesses the deadly combination of quickness off the dribble and a great outside shot. Combine him with a dominant center like Dwight Howard and you can see why his numbers are so good.

4. Name: Chauncey Billups. Composite Score Percentile: 94.43%

Different team, same story. Billups remains a super-efficient player on offense and ranks third among point guards in OCS. His numbers have slipped a tiny bit thanks to a decline in his Defensive Composite Score. It’s still too early to determine if that’s an aberration or not, but it wouldn’t be a shock if it was for real. Billups is past his prime and is probably losing the quickness he once had. Nevertheless, he’s so skilled and smart that he will remain a top point guard for at least a few more years.

5. Name: Devin Harris. Composite Score Percentile: 89.78%

There sure are a lot of good point guards in the Eastern Conference, aren’t there? Not only are a lot of these guys very good, but they’re all relatively young. Harris is dynamite on offense (second among point guards in OCS) thanks his ability to get to the free throw line quite often. Oddly enough, his defense rates terribly this year. This is very surprising to me because Harris has always had the reputation of being a great defender. We’ll see if this was a blip in the radar or an effect of Harris taking over more of the workload on offense.

Honorable Mentions: Mike Bibby, Steve Nash, Jose Calderon, Jason Kidd

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