Defensive Charting Through 50 Games

by Schuyler Davis
The Bulls are looking like a playoff team as the NBA regular season winds down, but their defense is not one of the reasons for that. I can say that with a pretty fair degree of certainty after charting their individual defense for 50 games. The method is almost as subjective […]

Observations about PAC, Continued

Today I’m going to list some more things I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through my PAC data…
(To see my PAC system in action, go to
• A look at some of the players in the recent Toronto-Miami trade (something I talked about seemingly an eternity ago): Jermaine O’Neal is listed as an outside shooter, a […]

Comparing Rose’s Rookie Season to Four Elite Point Guards

This is the second part of a series I have been doing with Christopher Reina of
“In a new series with Jon Nichols of, I pose a question that has been on my mind and he examines the statistical evidence.
CR: After a disappointing summer league in which he was eventually shutdown with tendinitis in […]

Bulls 25 Game Defensive Totals

Schuyler Davis returns with an update on his defensive charting effort on the Chicago Bulls.
The Bulls have fallen off a little bit, dropping to (16-20) on the season after starting out at a respectable (5-5). Part of the problem has been injuries to Kirk Hinrich, Luol […]

Rookie Report Part I

For the first part of this series, I’ll take a look at picks 1-6 from last year’s draft using my Composite Score numbers:
The Numbers (Player Name – Composite Score Percentile):
Derrick Rose: 55.11%
Michael Beasley: 17.65%
O.J. Mayo: 42.72%
Russell Westbrook: 81.73%
Kevin Love: 33.44%
Danilo Gallinari: Did not qualify
The Analysis
Derrick Rose has been widely praised for his play so […]