Introducing PAC

The project I have been working on is finally completed. It’s called PAC, and it stands for Position-Adjusted Classification. You can find all the numbers here. In short, it’s a system that uses five advanced statistics to classify players into 48 separate categories based on how well they perform in each stat. To get a longer explanation, go here: How PAC Works. It is similar to the work Carlos Chalhoub did here with point guards a little while ago.

I am proud of the usefulness of my PAC system. So far, Basketball-Statistics has featured Composite Score, a great way of rating players. However, teams are not always looking to stockpile as much talent as possible. They need to fill roles based on their current personnel and style of play. PAC helps you do just that. To read more about the benefits of PAC, check out What PAC Can Do For You.

This is my first attempt at this system, so tweaks will inevitably be made in the future. Therefore, I encourage you to send me an e-mail at jonnichols (at) if you have any comments or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, enjoy looking at my new PAC system. As a reminder, it can be found here: Link.

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