Improvements to my Look at Player Impacts on Teammates’ Three-Point Shooting
October 29th, 2009 by Jon Nichols

In my last look at this subject, I calculated each player’s impact on his teammates’ three-point shooting tendencies (for a description of my methodology, check the article).  We often believe certain players create open outside looks for others, and the numbers seem to confirm that.

There was one minor flaw in my calculations, though.  Today I’m releasing an updated version of my numbers with some minor improvements.  First, only players with 50 three-point attempts or more can have an impact on a teammate’s percentages.  Secondly, to account for potentially large discrepancies between on-court and off-court attempts, the new weighting system takes into account the standard deviation of the difference between a player’s on-court and off-court numbers.

With the update, among players not named Aaron Gray (I really don’t know what his deal is), Dwyane Wade is the new leader in impact on teammates’ three-point attempt percentage.  Jason Terry is now second, followed by LeBron James in third and Chris Paul in fourth.

You can find all of the numbers here:


There are a few more things I want to do with this data, because stats such as this one may be useful in telling us how players interact with each other.  If we can accurately measure and predict player interactions statistically, we’ll know much more about the game of basketball.

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