NCAA Player Pairs
Jan 21st, 2010 by Jon Nichols

One of my favorite features at the web site 82games.com is its player pairs data (which is oddly missing for this season).  According to the site:

82games has compiled statistics showing how teams have performed with two specific players on the floor together. These “player pairs” are a complementary data view to our 5-man unit stats that measure unit performance. By focusing on two players at a time we can better understand which guys bring out the best in each other.

For those that have been following Basketball-Statistics.com, you’ll know that I’ve done a lot of work recently with college basketball stats.  Compared to what’s been done for the NBA, there is much statistical work to be accomplished with respect to the college game.  Today I’d like to present player pair data for (almost) every college team.

In the tables, the cell where two players meet is the team’s performance in that category when both of those players are in the game.  For each team, I have both offensive and defensive data.  Offensive Rating is the points scored per average-paced game with that pair on the floor, while Defensive Rating is the points allowed per average-paced game with that pair on the floor.

To see all of the data, click the link below.  It is a very large page, so have patience while it loads completely.


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