TPS Reports: Paint Presence, Perimeter Threats, and Super-Efficiency
October 3rd, 2009 by Jon Nichols

Last time I introduced my TPS (Talent Plus Style) system and a basic statistic using that system called Playmaker Score.  Today I’ll show a couple more statistics I’ve developed using TPS.

The first rating is something I called Paint Presence Rating.  Before I go any further, remember that all ratings are adjusted for position, so some point guards rate higher than centers, even though they are obviously not greater “paint presences.”  Paint Presence Rating is determined by a player’s Composite Score, Close Attempt Percentage, Close True Shot Percentage, free throws/field goal attempts, and Rebound Rating.  Composite Score reflects a player’s all-around ability while the other four are all affected by a player’s skills/tendencies around the basket.

The second rating is Perimeter Threat Rating.  This rating reflects a player’s tendency to shoot three-pointers and his ability to make them.  It consists of three components: Composite Score, Three-Point Attempt Percentage, and Three-Point True Shot Percentage.

The third and final rating I will release today is called Super-Efficient Rating (it sounds silly, I know).  It incorporates three elements: Offensive Rating, True Shot Percentage, and Turnover Rate.  Offensive Rating is a good catch-all for every efficient thing a player can do offensively, while the latter two measure a player’s ability to hit shots when he needs to and not turn the ball over.  Things such as assists and offensive rebounds are also part of offensive efficiency, but they are only partly incorporated, through the use of Offensive Rating.

To see all the numbers, go to: Link.

2 Responses  
Crow writes:
October 8th, 2009 at 7:28 am

Some other combos that might be interesting to check:

High (offensive rating, TS% or PER) with
low Adjusted Offensive +/-

and vice versa

High rank on counterpart PER and high Adjusted defensive +/-
or low-low, or high-low or low-high

High Mid=range shot percentage and low Offensive +/- and vice versa

High Three-Point Attempt Percentage and low Offensive +/- and vice versa

Gerrit writes:
October 14th, 2009 at 10:31 am

Perimiter threat rating 67 is all guys named Mike.

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