Coming Soon: NCAA Plus-Minus
December 29th, 2009 by Jon Nichols

My apologies for the relative silence at Basketball-Statistics.com during the last few days. I’d like to blame it on the holidays, but that’s actually not the case.  I’ve been working on a couple of big things recently, including populating a database of the play-by-play data for every NCAA Division I game played this year.  Because of the massive amounts of errors present in the official data, this process has been painfully slow and required a lot of tweaks.  I’m just about done, though.  The first thing I’d like to do with the data is calculate net plus-minus for every player.

There has been some wonderful work on statistical plus-minus, which estimates plus-minus using box score statistics.  However, with the play-by-play data, we can calculate the real thing.  Those stats should be released in the next few days (all that is left is to run the numbers).  Once that is complete, I can work on creating adjusted plus-minus.  So be on the lookout for NCAA plus-minus and other advanced research on college basketball!

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