The Top 50 Prospects and the Four Factors

 by Jon Nichols

With the draft a week away, I’ve decided to put together a list of the top 50 prospects and their corresponding offensive Four Factors numbers.  For good explanations of what those are, go to (I chose to use true shot percentage instead of effective field goal percentage).  I’ve also included the players’ ranks in each category.  The lowest rank is 42 because I decided to leave out the eight Europeans. 

In the next week, I plan on determining which players are the best fit for each team based on these numbers and the team Four Factors.  All of the information will be on 

To see the numbers, go to:

I used Chad Ford’s Top 100 list to come up with the names.  College players’ numbers were obtained from  I calculated the Euro numbers using the data available at

To see my draft player projections using the Box Score Prediction System, go to





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