Mini Draft Cheat Sheet

 by Jon Nichols

A few observations based on my research about the draft:

  • High school shooting guards and small forwards have been somewhat overrated recently but have potential, and the young big men have been either mildly disappointing or huge successes.
  • International swingmen are very unpredictable, but the foreign big men who have gotten playing time have been relatively successful.
  • College freshmen 2’s and 3’s have been disappointing in the lottery but better later on in the draft.  Teams have not selected many freshmen big men.
  • Sophomores have produced some very good point guards in the lottery.  Swingmen have been solid picks in the first round as well.  On the other hand, with the exception of Elton Brand, sophomore big men have been mostly unsuccessful.
  • Junior shooting guards and small forwards taken in the lottery have been excellent and the list includes many superstars.  The power forwards and centers have not been good though.
  • Senior point guards are smart choices.  The rest of seniors are usually below average.
  • My opinion: Go young and international with big men, old with point guards, and somewhere in the middle with shooting guards and small forwards.




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