Euroleague Now Included in the Box Score Prediction System

by Jon Nichols

Recently I explored the correlation between Euroleague and NBA stats (article here:  My next step has been to incorporate Euroleague stats into my Box Score Prediction System (explanation here: 

I used the same process with Euroleague as I did with the NCAA.  I developed a formula that projects each NBA stat using Euroleague data and other variables such as height, weight, and experience.  These formulas were developed using multiple linear regressions.  The adjusted R^2 ( values for the different NBA stats are as follows:

FGA: 0.2971
FG%: 0.3004
3PA: 0.6834
3P%: 0.7729
FTA: 0.4111
FT%: 0.6887
REB: 0.8609
AST: 0.7202
STL: 0.5606
BLK: 0.7964
TO: 0.4538
PF: 0.5432

In the next few weeks, I will include projections of European prospects to go along with my projections of college players.  I have slightly less confidence about the Euro projections because the data is more unreliable, but the projections will still be useful. 

If you have any suggestions, e-mail me at [email protected].  All Euroleague stats were obtained from  NBA stats were obtained from





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