TPS Reports: Workhorses, Defenders/Outside Shooters, and Interior Defenders
October 8th, 2009 by Jon Nichols

Today I’m going to unveil some more player ratings using the TPS system I developed recently, which produces customizable rating systems that are adjusted for position.  To see last time’s ratings, click here.

The first rating today is called the Workhorse Rating.  It consists of three components: PER, Usage Rate, and Assisted Rate (the percentage of a player’s shots that were assisted).  It is a player rating system that focuses especially on a player’s ability to generate his own offense without the help of others.  This isn’t always a good thing (see: ball hog), but it’s often useful to have a player who can create his own shot.  PER is a great all-around player rating system that factors in Usage Rate.  The reasons for including the other two components are pretty obvious.  The top 10 players in this category are:


And the bottom 10 are:


The next rating is called Defender and Outside Shooter Rating (not very creative but very self-explanatory).  It consists of three components: Defensive Composite Score, Three-Point Attempt Percentage, and Three-Point True Shot Percentage.  The leaders in this category are (remember they’re adjusted for position):


There are some names you’d expect (Bowen, Battier, Artest, and even Wallace) with some others you wouldn’t expect (Ilgauskas, Lewis, Nelson).  The bottom 10 in this category are:


The third and final rating I will discuss today is my Interior Defender Rating.  This one is also self-explanatory.  It consists of Defensive Composite Score and Rebound Rate.  You can be a good rebounder without being a good defender (cough, Carlos Boozer, cough), but someone who is good in both usually is a good interior defender.  Notice that I didn’t include blocks.  It is not one of the 25 components in the TPS system, and I’ve done studies that question the importance of them.  Keeping the position adjustments in mind, here are the top 10:


I don’t know about Chris Paul in there, but I suppose he is a good rebounder for his position.  The bottom 10 in the league are:


To see the numbers for every player, go to:


Stay tuned to Basketball-Statistics.com for more TPS Reports.

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