The Least Valuable Third Team

Recently I named the First and Second Least Valuable Teams using my Value Rating statistic. Today I’ll move on to the Third team. Remember, all the numbers can be found at

Point Guard: Earl Watson, Oklahoma City Thunder (Value Rating of 1.28%)

There were rumors of Watson being moved at the trade deadline but nothing ever transpired. He’s not a terrible backup point guard, but Value Rating thinks he’s not worth the amount of money he gets.

Shooting Guard: DeShawn Stevenson, Washington Wizards (Value Rating of 8.36%)

Stevenson has always ranked surprisingly low in Composite Score. It’s a phenomenon I don’t quite understand, although maybe I just think too highly of him.

Small Forward: Adam Morrison, Los Angeles Lakers (Value Rating of 6.43%)

Morrison doesn’t earn a ton of dollars, so his Value Rating is simply a sign of how poorly he’s performed since being drafted a few years ago. The Lakers acquired him this season along with Shannon Brown in exchange for Vladimir Radmanovic, but I don’t see him being a critical part of their championship run.

Power Forward: Andrea Bargnani, Toronto Raptors (Value Rating of 9.00%)

Bargnani’s made some strides this year, but apparently Value Rating still isn’t impressed. He still has a lot of talent and in my opinion will find a place in this league for many years to come.

Center: DeSagana Diop, Charlotte Bobcats (Value Rating of 2.25%)

Diop was awarded a large contract by Dallas this past offseason and promptly disappointed and was traded to Charlotte. I’m not surprised at how low his Offensive Composite Score is, but I am shocked at his low Defensive Composite Score. I’ve always thought of him as one of the better interior defenders in the NBA. I fully expect his numbers to improve by the end of the season.

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