The Least Valuable Second Team

Yesterday I revealed the Least Valuable First Team using by Value Rating statistic. Today I’ll move on to the second team. Remember, all the numbers can be found at

Point Guard: Jamal Crawford, Golden State Warriors (Value Rating of 0.64%)

A transplanted Knick, Crawford is a gifted scorer who struggles on defense and is paid a lot of money. I imagine his Defensive Composite Score would be higher on any other team besides the Warriors, but either way he still hasn’t been playing great D.

Shooting Guard: Matt Carroll, Dallas Mavericks (Value Rating of 5.46%)

Carroll’s situation is eerily similar to that of Kapono’s, the first-team shooting guard. He had a hot shooting season and was rewarded with a lucrative contract that he has failed to live up to. Charlotte eventually swapped him for another large contract, DeSagana Diop.

Small Forward: Bobby Simmons, New Jersey Nets (Value Rating of 6.10%)

Simmons’ contract has been a burden for quite a while now. He had an excellent year in Los Angeles and was rewarded for it by the Bucks. He’s faced injuries and poor performance ever since, and he was eventually moved to New Jersey.

Power Forward: Reggie Evans, Philadelphia 76ers (Value Rating of 8.36%)

I’m actually a bit of a Reggie Evans fan, but the numbers don’t lie. Evans is a tough rebounder and a solid defender, but Value Rating doesn’t think he’s worth the money. The biggest reason for that is his low Offensive Composite Score, which ranks in the bottom tenth of the NBA.

Center: Chris Wilcox, New York Knicks (Value Rating of 1.60%)

As fun as it may be to see another Knick on this list, I don’t imagine Wilcox will have a terrible Value Rating for long. He was moved at the deadline to New York. Mike D’Antoni seems like the perfect medicine for his struggles and I expect his Composite Score to rise before the season is over.

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