The Most Valuable Third Team

I’ve already done the first two teams, so now we move on to the third Most Valuable Team using my Value Rating stat.

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Point Guard: Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat (Value Rating of 98.39%)
Just behind Ramon Sessions and Rajon Rondo in VR, Chalmers slipped into the second round of last year’s draft after many considered him a likely first round pick. Sensing the opportunity, the Heat swooped in and acquired him from the Timberwolves after they took him early in the second round. Chalmers has been a starter from day one for the surprising Heat. He makes mistakes (as would be expected from a rookie point guard), but he’s been an underrated rookie and he works well with Dwyane Wade.

Shooting Guard: Courtney Lee, Orlando Magic (Value Rating of 95.51%)
A message to teams that like to dump late first round picks for cash: you’re wasting a potentially great source of value. Guys like Lee earn relatively little during their first few years, and if you make a good pick you’ll get solid play from them. With Mickael Pietrus facing numerous injuries all year, Lee has taken over as the perimeter defensive stopper for a very good Magic team.

Small Forward: Renaldo Balkman, Denver Nuggets (Value Rating of 96.79%)
Balkman doesn’t play much (he’s produced just 1.75 Composite Score Wins so far this year), but when he does he’s reasonably effective. He’s been a good defender since he came into the league and he comes at a low price.

Power Forward: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Milwaukee Bucks (Value Rating of 93.58%)
He’s pretty limited offensively, but Mbah a Moute is a heck of a defender. That makes him perfect for Scott Skiles and the Milwaukee Bucks. You could do much worse with a rookie drafted in the second round.

Center: Brandon Bass, Dallas Mavericks (Value Rating of 89.10%)
He may not be a true center but he gets enough minutes at that position in Dallas for it to qualify as his position. As it turns out, Bass is only slightly above average in terms of Offensive Composite Score, Defensive Composite Score, and Overall Composite Score. But the Mavericks got him for so cheap that he still holds good value.

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