Player Projection: Jordan Hill

by Jon Nichols

After a quick break for European players (there are more projections of those on the way), I’m moving back to another American prospect.  Today I’ll be looking at Jordan Hill of the Arizona Wildcats.  Hill is entering the draft this year and will most likely be a lottery pick.

Much of Hill’s appeal is his combination of athleticism and hustle.  He’s got great length and if he can add some muscle, he’ll be an ideal-sized power forward in the NBA.  His length allowed him to be a force on the boards at the college level, although slightly below the level of someone such as DeJuan Blair.  However, besides some skills in the high post, Hill’s offensive game is pretty raw.

How will a player of Hill’s skill set and accomplishments fare in the NBA? Let’s take a look at his projected box score per 36 minutes:

Jordan Hill Box Score

If you’re looking to get a star with your lottery pick, you may be better off looking elsewhere.  However, there’s a good chance Hill can be a great role player and a solid starter.  He won’t be a league leader in rebounds, but he’ll be up there.  His field goal percentage will be decent, but he could use some work on his free throw shooting.

However, the box score does show some limitations.  First of all, that is quite a lot of fouls.  Hustle is great as long as you’re not playing out of control.  Constantly getting into foul trouble is a great way to limit your minutes and effectiveness.  Hill must be sure to avoid that.

Also, as you can see, Hill doesn’t project to be much of a volume scorer.  12.97 points per 36 minutes is nothing to write home about, and his assist rate projects to be low as well.  This makes sense.  His relative lack of post moves does not suggest he’ll be pouring in buckets.  Partnering with a slick point guard such as Steve Nash or Chris Paul would do him wonders, though.

Just like with most super-athletic prospects, there’s a chance Hill could develop his offensive game and become a perennial All-Star.  Unfortunately, my Box Score Prediction System doesn’t see that happening.  Still, even if it turns out to be correct, 6’10 players who rebound the ball well and work hard can be quite useful.  Hill projects to play similar to Udonis Haslem, which isn’t a terrible thing.





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